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 Left 4 Dead (360) review

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Left 4 Dead (360) review Empty
PostSubject: Left 4 Dead (360) review   Left 4 Dead (360) review EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 5:05 pm

Left 4 Dead (360) review Left-4-dead
Preview - This game has a great multi-player..... but that's it, how does it stack up?

Presentation - Well I must say, this game has the gears of war disease, because the color chart goes from brown to gray. The zombies while some of them original after a while it seems as if your just killing the same people over and over again, with some exceptions (( the tank, boomers, and witch's))
The 4 main characters are generic, you have Lois, he is a typical token black guy, im sorry but its true. You have Frances, he is the generic " Bad-ass" character. Bill who is the old experienced one, and finally Zoey, the only female in the game other than the witch. The music and atmosphere is spot on with everything creepy and dark. You will most likely get frightened while playing this game for the first time. I give the presentation a 6/10

Story - Very typical, zombie apocalypse some people survive..... that's basically it they don't explain anything. The story is this games weakest aspect. 2/10

Gameplay - Now this is where the game first. First off, there is no difference in any of the characters. There are 4 "scenarios" and within these are 4 levels with a epic ending. You always are running around with your 3 other companions, you want and need to have a player playing with you, while the computer does a admirable job at helping, there idiots alot of the times. Your weapons in the beginning are limited, one pistol and a secondary weapon. (either a shot gun or a oozie) As you go on you find Molotov cocktails, grenades that attract the zombies, a second pistol, a automatic shot gun, a AK-47 and a Sniper Rifle. One of the best things about this is that you can have 3 other people play with you, its alot of fun. So after you beat the 4 scenarios what is there left to do? Well you can go online and play them over again with other people! wait....... that would be the same, anything else? well you can play as the infected while on the internet which is fun, As long as you don't get stuck with a regular infected. I give the gameplay a 9/10

Overview - While the game may be fun for a little while, the game gets monotonous after just a few days, Overall I give this game a 6/10
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Left 4 Dead (360) review Empty
PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead (360) review   Left 4 Dead (360) review EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 10:34 pm

Upcoming DLC is gonna flesh out the story more and bridge the gap between L4D1 and L4D2..
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Left 4 Dead (360) review Empty
PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead (360) review   Left 4 Dead (360) review EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 11:09 pm

It was a fun game for multiplayer, just short, like little episodes. I would have loved to see more story driven in it instead of multiple parts with no real story whatsoever except escaping

A fun game either way though

Left 4 Dead (360) review MajorasMask
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PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead (360) review   Left 4 Dead (360) review EmptySat Sep 11, 2010 5:48 pm

Here's the thing with L4D. Valve didn't want to delve into a story. They figured, what the hell, give them a movie like scenario and survive. That's all it is, is a survival horror/shootem up. I mean come on, who doesn't want to kill a seemingly endless hoard of zombies!! Resident Evil already has a great story line for the Zombie genre of games and I think Valve really didn't want to infringe upon the scrutiny of Capcoms fan base with it, because capcoms die hard fan base are really picky about their zombie genre (Actually, they're not even zombies through the series but more along the lines of mutants, that's another discussion). Having played L4D I actually like it better than the RE series. There's no puzzle solving, long dialogue or cut scenes, just straight to the carnage and terror. It really keeps you on your toes, especially the higher difficulties.

I'd actually have to bump up your score to an 8. Console hasn't done this game justice...Trust me...

The bad thing about playing it on a console though, is that you're extremely limited with re-play. The PC version offers a lot of re-playability with user made maps and custom settings (for those extremely huge hoards XD), let alone the connection to Valve's Steam network.

Also, you forgot to mention, that during online play TEAM WORK IS IMPORTANT!!! I have never seen an FPS focus on that aspect. Ever. Not even COD:MW2. If you don't work together, especially during the "Survival" matches, you and your team are completely boned. There is no way to get around it.

I was especially impressed with the AI in the game. Your teammates actually get in on the action, especially on the hard difficulties. They can be cumbersome at times, however, they do their fair share and actually heal you when you're getting a little low on health.

This is definitely one of those game that you should play on PC to get the most out of it. Especially if you don't want to shell out 15 bucks for DLC (which is bullshit) to get some re-play value out of it...
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PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead (360) review   Left 4 Dead (360) review Empty

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Left 4 Dead (360) review
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